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What We Do

Belding Skills Training & Development works with organizations to create customer service programs and processes which measurably improve both internal and external customer satisfaction.

We customize and deliver high-impact, effective workshops and training programs in customer service, client service and the leadership functions that support a customer-focused business.

We will help you measurably improve your customer experience to retain your customers and grow your customer base.

We can teach you to recover from customer service failures, deal with difficult customers more effectively, and consistently create memorable and positive customer service experiences. Contact us to find out what our customer service workshops can do for your organization.

The Formula For Customer Service Training

What is Customer Service?

World-Class Customer Service, as we define it, is the process of consistently communicating to every customer - whether it is an internal customer or external customer - that they are valued, and that their satisfaction is paramount to your organization.

Achieving World-Class Customer Service requires strong service leadership, skilled management, effective teamwork, and skilled, caring and motivated people on the front line. Customer service representatives need to be supported by customer-centric processes and standards which are championed by effective management and strong leadership.

Our Customer Service Training Solutions

If you are looking for award-winning retail customer service training, call center customer service training, or customer service and client service seminars, workshops or consulting for the service, corporate or government sectors, Belding Skills Training & Development has the training and strategic consulting expertise to deliver the outcomes you are looking for.

If you are looking to better deal with difficult internal customers or external customers, we can customize and deliver a World-Class training program based on Shaun Belding's international best-selling book, Winning with the Customer from Hell - a survival guide. Our solutions and training are fully customized to each client's particular requirements, but take a moment to review our sample course outlines and customer service workshops and get a sense of what world class customer service means at Belding Skills.

Customer Service Consulting Solutions

Belding Skills Training & Development's customer service consulting team is led by CEO, Shaun Belding. Over the last 21 years we have helped organizations from Fortune 500 to independent businesses transform their customer experiences. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

Winning At Work!

Do you feel as though the stress levels in your workplace seem to have escalated over the last ten years or so? It's not your imagination. Here are three things you can do to help deal with it: 1. Change our environmentDon't underestimate the impact that...

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